How Women Have Captured the Attention of the World

This sparked the resurgence of the “Me Too” movement.

The oppression of women continues to dominate social media and major TV networks.

Ten days later, the controversy surfaced at the Southern Baptist Convention.

Dr. Russell Moore, of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, a school renowned for its complementarian views, agrees. In his view, women are far too submissive to men out of a misunderstanding of what submission really is. He writes: “In the Bible, it is not that women, generally, are to submit to men, generally. Instead, ‘wives’ are to submit ‘to your own husbands’ (1 Pet. 3:1). Too often in our culture, women and girls are pressured to submit to men, as a category.”

As stated above, Dr. Moore believes the topic of women and submission is culturally skewed.

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