How President Trump Lost the Election

Why Biden Played to Not Lose

Thomas E. McDaniels


Photo by Library of Congress on Unsplash

Only 10 U.S. presidents were previously defeated in their quest for another term. Trump is the first in decades if the election result called by The Associated Press remains.

President Trump may or may not have lost the election, but the Associated Press officially called the election in favor of Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is now the President elect, but the many mistakes of President Trump handed Joe the election.

President Trump was brilliant in some things and not so brilliant in others. President Trump is the most loved and simultaneously the most despised man in the world.

Many believe that President Trump handed Joe Biden thousands of votes due to his poor decisions and behavioral antics.

Trumps personality

President Trump is similar to Winston Churchill. We always knew what was on the mind of Donald J. Trump. President Trump rarely governed his words. And he never controlled his Twitter account. This was a huge mistake, especially for females in America. The President’s willingness to belittle others was a turn off to women voters.

President Trump pulls no punches-in words or behavior. His powerful personality empowered others to speak their mind. This is both positive and negative.

President Trump was over the top at name-calling. This reminded me of my years in the sixth grade.

America must recover and restore civility and push back on belittling others and all name-calling.

Name calling is not acceptable in any environment, especially not in the highest office of our land.

Few of us get away with saying whatever is on our mind. I believe this was a big mistake for President Trump. Mr. Trump’s bold antics emboldened others to actions-some good actions and some not so good actions.

Trump’s arrogance

President Trump was the ultimate male specimen of hubris. President Trump was overconfident and displayed moments of extreme…