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It’s a slow fade.

The church as we know it is fading, but the real question is why, and what can we do about it?

Do you remember the song by Casting Crowns?

Well, the American church is in a slow fade.

There is a lot of talk about hybrid models in the church world. We have already walked through 200 years of a hybrid model.

The American church was never the biblical model

Today’s church has prayer rooms and healing rooms. And that is OK and even great! …

Spiritual growth is a personal choice

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Growth is a natural progression of life.

Everything alive is growing.

And that includes people. God has given us life, and every day we have the opportunity to grow — physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

Conforming to the image of Christ is a top priority. We have made Christianity about going to heaven and not going to hell. Those are the benefits of being in Christ.

Heaven and hell are not the primary reason that Christ saved you.

Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord, as His divine power has given…

A biblical response

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The hostility toward Christianity is on the rise.

We have witnessed the first administration in over 70 years who removed “God” from the National Day of Prayer Proclamation. There was no public prayer service held at the U.S. Capitol, as there has been in some years, but the day was observed.

The last few months have many believers in America alarmed.

We are surprised by the resistance and the hatred toward Christ-followers and Israel.

In my prayer chamber, I heard the Lord say,

“If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.” …

Don’t talk trash to yourself

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Have you heard the saying talking trash?

Talking trash is a worldwide colloquialism when one person is insulting or badgering another individual. Talking trash happens regularly between athletes during a sporting event.

Talking trash is used to get inside someone’s head and throw their skills off. Yes, the devil talks trash to Christians.

Our self-talk can fall under the talking trash category.

This is what trash talk sounds like.

• God does not love you

• You are a sinner

• You know you fail every day

• People at that church don’t care about you. …

The value of minimum

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The minimalist lifestyle gives people the opportunity to buy less and enjoy more. The minimalist chooses to make less the better part of life.

Do we need five TV’s in our homes and five Direct TV junction boxes at 19.99 each? Really? No, we don’t.

There is a reward of watching less TV. You can discover reading, writing, walking, and relationships with our friends are better than watching a square box.

Or maybe we should prefer less is more when considering purchases.

Would you prefer an extra 100.00 in your bank or more food in your pantry?

Do we know…

Less is more

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There is a lot of talk about minimalism.

Minimalism is not just a fad. It is a real thing, and it is happening for a reason.

Many people are tired of the rat race and keeping up with the Jones’

Gen Z and Millennials discovered that having more was not the only recipe for happiness. Experts have determined that having more makes life more difficult. Even Christians struggle with the less or more dilemma.

Are Christians supposed to prosper? Some say yes. Others say no. The Bible shows both sides of the poor/prosperity question.

The Bible considers the soul as…

Shifting self-talk to God-talk

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How do you start your day?

With regret or rigor? Complaining or grateful?

Some people get up on the wrong side of the bed or start off on the wrong foot. These two types of people are an echo of the negative thoughts that permeate their thought life.

It was once considered a negative to be an echo and not a voice. But to become an echo of God’s voice is always a positive and starts your day off right.

Two quick tips to start your day:

  • Examine the first thought of your day
  • Be selective…

The sin question

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“Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Mark 14:38, NKJV)

Jesus said to watch and pray. Jesus meant for the disciples to stay alert in body and in Spirit.

The disciples were in their greatest season of trouble. Their leader was being arrested, tested, and murdered.

Jesus told them prayer would strengthen them against temptation. And for us, how many times have we failed to follow the desires of the spirit because our flesh was weak?

This is a spiritual battle, and we are in the fight

For those…

Gray hair talk

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Life is a teacher.

Especially if you are a good student.

After 64 years of living, some things landed in the frontal lobe of my brain.

Not sure why it took that long. Obviously, I am a slow learner.

Wouldn’t you love to have the wisdom of a 65-year-old at the age of twenty-five?

It only took me 40 years to catch some wisdom. In every stage of life, there are lessons to be learned. This makes life worth living.

There are many things I wish I knew 40 years ago, and I want to share those with you.

I wish I would have known my kids hated that I took a bite off their burger.


Proven tips from the wise

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Life is a gift.

We must design the life we want to live. We design daily.

Today is the sculpt to what is coming.

And that is why I want to teach you how to punch your final days in the face.

It is true that what we do today is seen tomorrow. How you live in the next 3–4 decades will show up in decades 5–6.

Our final years should be our golden years. Will we have challenges? Yes.

But we can design our life to minimize the effects those challenges bring.

If you faint in the day of…

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