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Thirty years ago, I set a goal to write and publish books for the last 10–15 years of my life. The goal was noble. Setting the goal was more comfortable than accomplishing it.

After writing a few articles, I realized I was way over my head. Writing words was easy but my writing lacked the expertise to express thoughts clearly to others.

My success in other fields gave me quick access to high-level places to send my articles. Sites like Fox News and others.

Faith forward in 2021

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How does life get better?

Does life get better by providence, good luck, favor, or making changes? Yes. A great life includes all these.

A great life is never contingent on a great year. We can experience a great life in a good year or a bad year.

Favor of God

Favor from God is real, and God has the power to explode your life into mind-blowing outcomes. Providence is awesome. I describe providence as waking up on a day and what happens was going to happen.

I know that whatever God does, it shall be forever. Nothing can be added to it, And nothing was taken from it. God does it, that men should fear before Him. That which is has already been, And what is to have already been; And God requires an account of what is past. …

More of what we already were

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Have you heard enough about COVID-19? Most of us have.

But we still have lessons to learn about how to handle this terrible disease. We also need to learn how to cope and grow through difficult times.

On some level, the virus negatively affected a high percentage of families.

Yes, COVID-19 launched us into unprecedented times. And yes, the virus was an accelerator of the decade.

The virus intensified and magnified the behaviors of our pre-virus lives. …

Get woke Christians!

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The new year is here.

Not much has changed so far. It is true that a year is only as good as you make it. So, what do you expect in 2021? Most are not expecting much. 2020 knocked the air out of most of us. I hope you have no desire to repeat 2020.

I also hope you have a desire to improve your life and to grow spiritually. So many Christians are satisfied with only being saved and going to heaven.

The reward of heaven is great for a believer, but there is more to experience than just being saved. …

Focus forward

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Shopping, cooking, wrapping, and unwrapping — done.

Now let’s go forward to some more essential matters in life — our next focus in the New Year.

After Christmas, some of us shift to introspection and self-examination. After the holidays, we take a few days off and reach for some solitude. Solitude gives us time to focus on our wrapping.

Does life have you wrapped up in the wrong things?

Our human wrapping paper includes:

  • keeping up with the Jones’
  • the temptation of a particular sin
  • allowing fear to dominate
  • Facebook likes and shares
  • comparing our lives to others
  • anger over an unresolved issue

When we unwrap our contents, what’s inside? Are we empty or full? Do we feel significant or insignificant? …

What’s inside the package?

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There is more to Christmas than giving gifts and wrapping paper.

If we unwrap Christmas, we find a deeper meaning to life.

We unwrap gifts because Americans love to package the content.

We spend 2.6 million dollars every year on wrapping paper.

  • 50% of all paper used in the US is for gift packaging
  • 71% of us wrap our own gifts
  • 53% will re-use wrapping paper
  • 19% of us use gift bags
  • 31% have professionals wrap their gifts

Can you see that we are equally consumed with the package as we are the content? Typical for Americans — we care more about how we look than how we are doing. …

A guide to buying superb gifts

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Everyone loves gifts.

Receiving gifts is one of the original Five Love Languages. Giving of gifts has to be love language number six.

Giving and receiving gifts are a significant part of the Christmas season.

Have you searched for the top ten Christmas gifts? The search reveals a few perfect gifts for the Christmas season.

The hot items of this year include:

  • A subscription to Disney
  • StartScope (for Outdoorsman)
  • Apple Airpods
  • Barefoot Dreams Blanket
  • Laugh and Learn Kitchen for kids
  • Pooping Flamingo (#1 toy for kids in 2020)
  • Echo Show 5 Smart Assistant
  • Dash Rapid Egg Cooker
  • Nintendo Switch
  • GoDonut

Growing through the pain

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Have you ever put yourself out there and give all you have? Then it happens.

Is criticism your enemy? No, but it feels like enemy number one.

Criticism finds the doer and the creative. The doers stick out their neck and do the work. In the doing — creativity flows. We create from our soul, our very being.

We take ownership of our work, and we protect what we create. We are sensitive to criticism and critique because we are proud of our work.

The Greek philosopher Aristotle said, “Criticism is something you can avoid easily — by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” …

We will never forget

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2020 is a year to remember.

More than that, a year we will never forget.

We overused the word “unprecedented” in 2020, but it was on-point.

Most of us will be glad to see 2020 go, but the question is, where are we headed?

The new year looks like more of the same chaos. The election is crazy, and COVID-19 is going crazy and many of us feel like we are going crazy.

So with Christmas near, I wanted to make a 2020 grown-up Christmas list.

So, this is my 2020 grown-up Christmas list.

Is discipleship the solution?

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Pastors and church boards continue to struggle with keeping the church solvent in 2020 and the coming years. The virus exposed the physical weakness of our bodies and also revealed the weak condition of the church.

Bill Wilson predicts that up to one-third of U.S. churches could be out of business by 2025:

He points to LifeWay Research that says 5% of U.S. churches will close within the year because of the pandemic. That’s five times the average closure rate for churches, according to The Christian Century magazine.

The virus was the impetus that accelerated many churches onto life support. …


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